MAY 2017 THRU APR 2018

185 Performances
6,800 Guests


The Willows “family” invites audiences to the dinner table for a mysterious celebration. Guests find themselves players in a modern-day psychological mystery, as they mingle and dine with the Willows family. The performance takes place in a sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. Los Angeles mansion which serves as the perfect backdrop to watch this macabre story unfold. Combining interactive and site-specific experiences, guests come along for the ride with these bizarre characters as they uncover the family’s hidden identities and discover where their true loyalties lie.

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Amaze VR and Just Fix It Productions have partnered up to create an interactive VR feature film inspired by the critically-acclaimed immersive theatre production, The Willows. The VR experience is set to release today, and viewers can receive the first episode for free on the Amaze VR app, immediately available on Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. Th e Willows is just one of four premium interactive experiences that viewers can access on the Amaze VR platform.

Similar to the original immersive theatre experience, the viewer becomes a part of an eccentric family’s story, a guest to a celebration rife with decadence and danger. As night closes in on this family’s mysterious manor, the viewer begins to find themself deep within a modern-day psychological mystery. Viewers will be drawn into haunting scenes and bizarre encounters , deciding their own journey at multiple decision points with four possible endings.

The experience runs approximately 56 minutes of straight play-through and 141 minutes of total runtime with all interactive opt ions. The Willows in VR serves as a faithful adaptation of JFI Productions’ originally written and produced piece, incorporating the best moments from all 185 sold-out shows . JFI Productions als o created Creep LA, an award-winning immersive haunted experience, which transported an audience ofthousands into surreal and frightening worlds.

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